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Weekly Stats for Beaufort Real Estate

Updating the weekly stats- there is good news that our absorption rate has fallen to 16 months worth of inventory overall.

Absorption Rate

This is the absorption rate for areas 1-5 of the Beaufort MLS

As you can see, this is as low as it’s been since I started tracking the absorption rate at the beginning of this year.   I think it has more to do with falling inventory than a huge increase in sales, however.  When you look at the number of under contract listings, there is not as big a swing up on the trend line as there is a swing down in number of listings.

Existing Inventory Active, U/C, and Sold as of Nov 2, 2009

The trendline for the under contract properties is relatively flat compared to the decrease in the number of active listings.

I know the green solds bars look exciting, but that is a cumulative number.  We probably won’t even hit 500 transactions for the year compared to 937 for 2006, 702 in 2007, and 542 in 2008.  We are sitting at 385 residential sales in areas 1-5 year to date.

Ok, what do you think?  Are we at the bottom?  Let me know!


Eggs are supposed to be for breakfast

But I sure am wearing some now-  All over my face!  I tried sending a link  a little earlier to some friends, and DOH!!  it didn’t work.  How hard is it to send a link?  I do it all the time, but this one was apparently still born, and I look like a dofus.  Sorry if you were annoyed, but thanks for clicking here anyway:<)!

If you are still interested, here is the link!

Have a great weekend!

Sweet condo near PI and Naval Hospital

This is a sweet condo for someone… one of the best features is the two car garage- Provides just a little more security and privacy than your normal condo, and it is a built in play area for  little kids.  Just put the garage door down and viola!  A secure, dry, outdoor play area you can check from the kitchen window or front storm door.

Check out the tour:

New Tour

Just playing around with a new marketing tool… TourFactory really has a pretty impressive product.  I think it can be very powerful in getting eyes to stop and look for more than just a minute, and they have a pretty good syndication system, too.

Let me know what you think.  This is from Battery Shores-

Ok, you tell me what you think of 1) the medium, and 2) the house!