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Sweet condo near PI and Naval Hospital

This is a sweet condo for someone… one of the best features is the two car garage- Provides just a little more security and privacy than your normal condo, and it is a built in play area for  little kids.  Just put the garage door down and viola!  A secure, dry, outdoor play area you can check from the kitchen window or front storm door.

Check out the tour:


Golf courses offer free round for active military, retirees and disabled vets | islandpacket.com

Just wanted to help get the word out about the free golf for my camo brothers in the Beaufort area.

I golf about once a year, just to remind myself why I don’t do it more often.  But I know lots and lots of my friends love it, and knock yourself out!  If I have that kind of time, I’ll try and get a line wet…


Why I need a man cave….

Right now there are about 30 women, friends of my wife, in my family room.  There are a bunch of 9-12 year old girls in my daughter’s room, other rooms, and the front yard.  They are talking about coupons.  Coupons.

Don’t get me wrong… Sue does a great job with coupons… no kidding!  Usually she spends as much as she saves on groceries.  Sometimes she spends say $40 and walks out with $90 or more worth of groceries.  She has all the tricks down.  She does great and I love the way she stretches our money.

But 30 women talking coupons in my living room?  Marshall and I are the only males for maybe the whole block!  That’s OK, we’ll get by.  Think maybe we’ll go play Call of Duty on the X-Box or something…

New Tour

Just playing around with a new marketing tool… TourFactory really has a pretty impressive product.  I think it can be very powerful in getting eyes to stop and look for more than just a minute, and they have a pretty good syndication system, too.

Let me know what you think.  This is from Battery Shores-

Ok, you tell me what you think of 1) the medium, and 2) the house!


When it rains…

It’s funny how a house can sit on the market for almost a month and not have anyone do anything on it but then WHAM!  Three offers in less than  a week.  Two of the three are pretty good, and the seller will be in a fairly strong position… pretty unusual for this enviroment.  That’s what happens when you price at the market I guess.  Could even see a bidding war…

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Shrimp Fest

What an evening for Shrimp Fest!  Almost full moon, high tide, great breeze… Who could ask for more??

If you didn’t make it tonight, you have tomorrow… well worth the trip!


Did you go?  Have a good time? Get enough to eat?  Let me hear from you!

My friend Karen Ostrander took this gorgeous shot of a shrimpboat and sunset:



Ok, here we go!

Ok, new format for my blog, which has been neglected and forlorn of late… I am thinking this one will go better…

So I will be posting some stats on here later, but just had to get something on.

BTW, it is such a BEAUTIFUL day here in Beaufort, high of 78, clear.. Why am I in the office?!?!?

I did manage to find a new dirt road and maybe a cool little camping place for my kids and I on an island that has a new causeway to it… no, I’m not telling you where.  Just hope it’s not in the impact area for the rifle range… better check that!