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Me, Sue, Sissy, Marshall, and Jen... oh and Flat Stanley

Me, Sue, Sissy, Marshall, and Jen... oh and Flat Stanley

So who is Scott Bingham?  Why, I’m a Realtor with BeaufortHomeTeam / Ballenger Realty practicing in Beaufort South Carolina.  I have been in business here about 24 years, through thick and thin, high and low.  I have helped literally hundreds of people buy and sell homes, and even more with rental and investment properties.

I am also the husband to Sue, the love of my life, and three children that are better than I deserve!  We have been homeschooling since Sissy was in the second grade, and she is a senior now!  It has worked well for us, and we are grateful that real estate has provided the income and flexibility required to keep Sue home as the Headmistress of the Bingham Academy of Educational Excellence and Character Development.

We attend Community Bible Church, and have great friends there.  We are active in a lot of activities there, and are growing in Christ daily.

I came to Beaufort in the Marine Corps 25 years ago now.  Sue was here a year earlier in the Navy.  We met, we married, we stayed… neither of us joined the service to stay home!  Really, we couldn’t agree on where to go after she got out, so we just stayed.  Didn’t realize how lucky we were!  This is really a great place to raise a family, and we have a great church (see above).

So, unless you’re reading this Mom, this is probably more than you wanted to know!


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