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November Stats

Ok, here are the stats for the last couple of weeks.  First we’ll start with the Inventory chart

Resale Inventory as of Nov 30 2009

I actually expected a bigger spike in the under contract numbers as buyers cashed in on the $8000 tax credit available.   You can see the number of under contract properties starting a slight downward trend already.  Might just be a seasonal holiday thing.  Anecdotal evidence points to more traffic in the mid price ranges of $300-$400,ooo.  That is welcome news if that price point is starting to move.

Now let’s look at absorption rates:

Absorption Rate as of Nov 30 2009

I thought the rate would have come down a little reflecting the decline in the active inventory number, but I guess it doesn’t take much in the way of change of number of under contract properties to impact this.

Overall, the market seems busier.  We are getting more calls for appointments, and there are more sign and ad calls.  These are good things!  Let’s hope this is a trend beginning and not another spurt!

Anytime you want to see more of what is happening in the market, just go by BeaufortHomeTeam.com and search the current map or sign up for the market update.


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