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Why I need a man cave….

Right now there are about 30 women, friends of my wife, in my family room.  There are a bunch of 9-12 year old girls in my daughter’s room, other rooms, and the front yard.  They are talking about coupons.  Coupons.

Don’t get me wrong… Sue does a great job with coupons… no kidding!  Usually she spends as much as she saves on groceries.  Sometimes she spends say $40 and walks out with $90 or more worth of groceries.  She has all the tricks down.  She does great and I love the way she stretches our money.

But 30 women talking coupons in my living room?  Marshall and I are the only males for maybe the whole block!  That’s OK, we’ll get by.  Think maybe we’ll go play Call of Duty on the X-Box or something…

3 Responses

  1. Wow! 30 + !! Call of duty sounds fun! Tanner and I take turns playing combat arms on the computer. You should go check it out.

  2. Yeah, you may want to do something about that. That’s too many women talking coupons…LOL a mancave would work though. Time to start building.

  3. Froom this moment this man is my new hero. I can just say that I agreee 100%

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